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The why behind the wonder


The Why behind the WONDER.....

Hi, I’m Louise and after an aggressive melanoma diagnosis in 2018 I made it my mission to rid my body and my household of all things chemical.  It wasn’t an easy feat, we are so tuned into buying reputable well known brands it was a transition and mentality that didn’t come easy!!! I started making my own make up and face creams and after some beautiful comments on what make up do you use? I decided to look into selling. 

With a new perspective and a little creativity we can change the old once was into something even more beautiful than before.

It was here Wondery was born!!

Wondery is suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin, combination skin oily, and dry skin and the only beauty + skincare products you need in your everyday skincare routine

Mother Nature is simple, clean and full of the goodness we require to keep us eternally youthful. It’s not only what we put in our bodies but what we put on our skin and what we leave in the environment around us. It’s an all round super change for the better good.

My mission if you choose to jump on for the ride is to START A NATURAL MAKE UP REVOLUTON with make up made from simple ingredients ‘good enough to eat’ to play my part in ridding the world of single use plastic one reusable make up tin at a time! 

See you on the wondery train beautiful people 

Louise xo