content_copy Wondery Skin Food FAQ's


HELP! What Wondery Do I need?

Not Sure how to choose your Wondery? 

Making the transition to Wondery Skin Food can be a little daunting if you are unsure on what each product does and if it suits your skin...heres a quick guide to help you! 

I'm looking for a foundation...

Wondery is still in the process of developing a full coverage foundation but in the meantime heres what we recommend for you from the range.  

Beach Face Tinted is a lilac based all day tinted moisturiser with SPF 30 zinc content.  Some clients (and me) use it as a base before applying our blush etc.  Some Wondery Wearers use it as a primer before adding their own foundation if they require a more deeper coverage.  

What colour do I choose...

I developed three colour palettes for the Wondery Make Up Range and it is based on the main three colour preferences of general make up use. 

Beetroot Blush and Rose + Lavender Lip and Cheek Stain are pink based products for those of you who love pink cheeks and pink lips! 

Coco Cheeks and Wild Citrus Luminiser are for the bronze lovers (thats me!) these give off the warm darker tones of a beach bronze look or those who prefer a darker or brown covering.

Nudie Nutmeg + Patchouli Pearl are for those natural sheer looking lovers! A very natural and light shimmer to make you feel like your'e not wearing make up at all! 

How do I wear my Wondery...

Help!! I often get this question, what do I do and how do I wear it? It's easy and you can actually wear it however you want and whatever way you feel comfortable.   Once you've placed an order you will be sent an email with a video guide and full how to document thats easy to follow and will answer all the questions you have!! 

What are the benefits to changing my Make Up + Skincare ...

The benefits are HUGE! Wondery Skin Food products are created using the highest quality minerals and all our products are organically and ethically sourced where possible.  The full Range is cruelty free, vegan friendly, free of all parabens, synthetic fragrances and phthalates giving your skin only what it needs to be nourished by nature itself. 

To make a conscious effort in becoming sustainable we aim to be plastic free wherever possible, all our make-up is packaged in light aluminium tins which can be reused, refilled and re-purposed.