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How to Apply Your Wondery

How to Apply your Wondery 

Hey beautiful! 

I've had so many requests on 'how to and what to do' with your Wondery Products, that I thought the best way to do this besides the video on socials (see link below) is a How to Apply for every product.
Making the transition from store bought to natural make up can be a little overwhelming, there's not as many 'make it easy' gadgets included in the product packaging (think separators and make up sponges etc) So getting to grips with your new skincare and makeup and how to apply can be a challenge at first, but once you get into the groove you wont look back!!
I really hope this helps you enjoy your Wondery Make up + Skin Food, if you'd like to see me popping some on click on the link below..
Much Love 

Louise x 

Watch me apply my Wondery here:


Simply WOW! Will never look back!

"Love, love, love! The smell, the feel of the products on my skin, the difference they make to how I look (and feel), the packaging, the speed of delivery - just simply LOVE it all. The beetroot blush is gorgeous, beach face - amazing and the nudie nutmeg is super versatile. I would not have believed the difference these beautiful products make to my face, if I didn't experience this for myself. Peeps - do not hesitate in purchasing these little gems"

Lets Get Started

Beach Face 
To Apply: Apply a small pea size amount to cheeks, chin and forehead.  Smooth in and blend softly in outward motions. Alternatively you can apply with a make up sponge or brush. 

Loose Mineral Powders 

To Apply: Because our aim is to be plastic free we don't use separators in our tins. Simply dab your blush brush in and tap off the excess in the lid. Apply just above your cheek bones or on your rosey cheek to give you that fresh natural,  pinky or bronze glow. Repeat by using the excess in your tin lid for more depth and coverage.  The Coco Cheeks is a bronzer and can be used all over your face and blended into your chest for a deep all over tanned look.

Luminizer/Highlight + Lip + Cheek Stain 

To Apply: Simply rub your finger lightly into the tin and apply to your cheeks and highlighter face points, to your eyes (if desired) and lips (for that festival sparkle). Repeat and build for deeper shades.  On some occasions they need a little smoothing over the top to get underneath the top layer to see the full colour effect.



Eye Liner 

To Apply: Use the Natural bamboo brush provided.  Gently coat the brush in eyeliner and apply to desired area of eye.  Rinse brush in warm after after use.  Store in a cool dry place. 

Handy Hint: If you find the eyeliner is smudging onto your lids, lightly apply your luminzeror highlighter to your lids first.  Oil wont stick to oil giving the eyeliner no excuse to smudge!


Chamomile Cleanser 

To Apply: Simply rub your finger lightly into the tin and apply to cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.  In a soft round motion massage into face, gently splash water onto your face and remove with reusable make up rounds.


Sleep Face 

To Apply: After your night time cleansing routine, apply a small amount to cheeks, chin and forehead.  Smooth in and blend softly in outward motions. Go to sleep and wake up feeling nourished.


Earthy Eyes 

To Apply: Apply at night after you have done your nightly skin routine!  Simply rub your finger lightly into the tin and apply to your eye area with outward movements, gently so as not to disturb your skin too much.  


Fruit Face (Face Mask) 

Fruit Face is only needed once a week and because our mask comes in powder form you can add your own preferred liquid to the mix.....simply take a teaspoon of fruit face and add filtered water, rose water, buttermilk, aloe water or cooled green tea or whatever you like and then with the mask brush included just apply to your face.  Grab a glass of vino and relax. Not only does it look good when on, but it also does wonders for sensitive skin types. Leave on for your desired time (I personally do between 10-15 mins) then wash off and start your night time skin routine of sleep face and earthy eyes!