Terms and Conditions

Because everyone needs them, here’s the important stuff!

All our products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches - imperfections may occur its what makes the products so unique!

When we remember that natural foods and herbs are powerful, it makes sense that even the most harmless ingredients may not be a good fit to everyone’s uniqueness. Whilst there are no chemicals or ‘baddies’ in our products we still encourage you to try a spot test first. If you were to get any type of reaction please stop using straight away. We take no responsibility for any allergens or reactions. A care card is sent out with every order to ensure you try first and all our ingredients are listed on the website.

We only accept returns if the product is damaged or incorrectly packaged on arrival. A photograph of the damaged item will need to be sent to customer service hello@wonderyskinfood.com.au​ within 48hrs of you receiving the product, we will then happily organise a replacement for you. 

Any information we gather from you is for marketing purposes and to just stay in touch and keep you in the loop. We do not disclose or share your information with any other third party.

If you have any problems or concerns whatsoever, please email us on hello@wonderyskinfood.com.au​

Thanks heaps

Louise & the Wondery family xo