Why Go Natural?

Hey beautiful, 

I just LOVE writing so with getting the majority of Wondery up and running to a place where I am happy, I feel I can finally set up the blog! 

What a YEAR! in so many ways the year that was, was in fact good and bad for so many in so many different ways! What I found along my journey was that people really decided to make changes to their lifestyles and that included their make up and skincare routines.  

What Skincare products do I need?

What skincare ingredients do I need to avoid?

Why should I choose natural makeup?

Is Vegan Make up and Skincare any good?

were just a few of the Dm's and Pm's I received on a regular basis throughout last year.  

Your Make up and Skincare should be simple, no fancy routine or complicated ingredients should enter into this part of your beauty regime

what. so. ever. 

After my Melanoma diagnosis this really hit home and I began to research the contents of just about everything I was putting in my body and on my skin.  Its blinking scarey stuff and very confronting let me tell you.  But what came from my research and changes has been so rewarding and so exciting.  Knowing that other people can enjoy and learn about natural make up and skincare and also LOVE it as much has me has been one of the most exciting and empowering experiences ever! 

Making the first batch of make up from simple food ingredients definitely had its challenges and there have definitely been some behind the scene bloopers for sure, I was literally just thinking about sharing a few soon too!! 

Wondery Make up and skin food

Anyway back to it...

What Skincare products do I need?

Making the switch to all natural skincare and make up people think they have to replace EVERYTHING in their bathroom cupboard.  Not so.  Skincare should be simple.  A cleanser, a mask, a body or skin scrub, a night moisturiser and if you fancy an eye cream.  It should be a simple step process that doesn't cause stress or require a degree!  

Sometimes we have so many products in our box that we actually don't need or use - just get rid of them and use what you need or what you like the most!! 

What skincare ingredients do I need to avoid?

OMG there are so many that are so scarey, it makes me cranky as seeing how much and what is in the mega brands and no-one really knows what do do or finds the transition too overwhelming...it doesn't have to be! I'd definitely avoidparabens, synthetic fragrances and phthalates as a start and then any other things that are hard to pronounce! 

Why should I choose natural makeup and skincare?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, why wouldn't you want to feed it and nourish it with the very best ingredients? Natural products are exactly that NATURAL.   

Is Vegan Make up and Skincare any good?

It's different but great.  I make the make up and skin care in my kitchen not a lab, I don't add preservatives or ingredients to improve the longevity, it is what it is.  Sometimes I wish I could add some extras to improve certain things but I am determined to keep my ethos and vision clear and to what I believe in! Start off piece buy piece and it wont be so overwhelming.  I started with the coco cheeks and gradually moved into the other products.  We are not perfect but a start it better than a non starter!

I'll be covering the switch and ditch approach in my next blog!! 

Well here we are at the end, I did it! Hope you enjoyed the read and as I get moving I'll tackle more subjects and interview some really cool people and have some great ideas ready for you to implement etc but until then, 

Love ya, stay safe and see you soon, 

Much Love 

Lou x 



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