Sunshine and Sunscreen

Sunshine and Sunscreen

Do you wear SPF everyday? 

Mmmm the million dollar question? This depends entirely on lifestyle and where you live and of course if you are locked down at the moment!  But generally speaking your answer should be a resounding YES! 
I have Melanoma and I wish with all my heart that I had taken heed of such advice earlier than I actually did.  It's so important and its life saving. #truth
Let's get down to sunscreen business 

There are two types of rays you need to know about:

UVA Rays are the naughty skin aging rays that contribute to sunburn and wrinkles.
UVB Rays can also cause sunburn but most importantly play a key role in the development of skin cancer.
The nasties to look out for in most sunscreens 
X - Oxybenzone - This is not only associated with many skin allergies it acts like estrogen in the body (excessive estrogen is linked with cancer ...mmm hello) There are two many things to really say in here. 
But one thing is avoid with a capital A
X -Parabens - These are super common in sunscreens, cosmetics and hair care.  Again allergy induces and hormone disruption.  It's scarey stuff
X -The list goes on all of which are hormone disruptors.  Octinoxte (known as Octylmethoxycinnamate) Homoslate, Paba and Retinyl Palmate.  I'm still learning about these nasties and sad that I didn't know before I lathered myself up thinking I was protecting my skin and myself.
✔️ - Mineral sunscreens use only two ingredients zinc oxide and titanium oxide nothing else.(Whilst the physical or mineral sunscreens create a protective layer the chemical ones are absorbed through the skin.)

Hello Beach Face 

Beach Face all day protection with SPF

Our hero of the face, Beach Face is an all  day moisturiser with SPF equivalent to SPF30 it comes in tinted or white and nourishes your face with all the goodness of its all natural ingredients whilst doing the super important job of protecting it.
Mineral sunscreens use only two ingredients zinc oxide and titanium oxide nothing else. Fact: Whilst the physical or mineral sunscreens create a protective layer the chemical ones are absorbed through the skin.)
Beach Face is the bomb of protecting face cream, suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to wear all day every single day.
The benefits of zinc give you protection from the sun's rays and the ultra healing Frankincense gives you age defying properties like no other teamed with shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil it will leave your skin feeling nourished and loved.  To top it offer it doesn't discriminate on skin types!  It loves them all!
It really is an all day beach ready, planet friendly, tin of deliciousness that once you've tried you’ll never leave home without again. 

How to Use:

How to apply Beach Face

Apply a small pea size amount to cheeks, chin and forehead.  Smooth in and blend softly in outward motions. Alternatively you can apply with a makeup sponge or brush.  Blend in an outward motion to cover the face for all day protection.  Like any sunscreen or anytime in the sun we would always recommend reapplying after two hours or at regular intervals throughout the day if possible! 
Naturally so blooming good for you:
    • Shea Butter for that luxurious texture and high fat content to deeply hydrate, tackle blemishes, and smooth the signs of aging
    • Vitamin E to block free radicals and replenish lipids to slow the aging process and keep the skin looking toned and youthful
    • Cocoa Butter to hydrate and nourish skin to improve skin elasticity and form a protective barrier
    • Zinc Oxide for sun protection equivalent to SPF30 with nourishing and healing properties to reduce redness, peeling, and burns

Read our Beach face reviews here and is you're unsure you can always grab a sample of each in our sample pack

This is a real food for thought subject and I for one have become super away of what goes on my skin particularly sunscreen! 

One last question for you as we move through Spring and into Summer...Have you had your skin yet recently?


L x 


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