Skinimalism {skin-i-mal-ism}

I'm late to the party or was I early?

The word skinimalism pronounced {skin-i-mal-ism} is the trending word for how we wear our skincare and makeup in 2021 but before it was trending woman having been doing it for years and Wondery was created on the same foundations 2 years ago - so I'm claiming I was two years ahead!! lol or maybe we started the revolution that is skinimalism?

"Womanly folk are finally starting to focus on enhancing what we've already got, rather than covering it all up" - Mamamia Aus 

So what does it mean?

It means "Let's start a natural makeup and skincare revolution" girls! Exactly that! It's the less is more concept and the less is so much better for you.

Skinimalism is using your Wondery, no elaborate night time routine with your skincare or no 3hr makeup regime before work in the morning, it simple fresh and ready to glow out of the door kind of stuff.\\

It's not about creating complicated or even perfect, it's not about sacrificing "that glow" or healthy looking skin its all about focusing on the simplicity of natural beneficial ingredients that nourish your skin, it's focusing on new stress free habits and most definitely quality over quantity when it comes to what we pop on our face.

Good for your face Good for the earth 

Sustainability is another buzz word, one in which we are equally passionate about.  By taking on the concept of skinimalism wearing less will see you buying less products, less plastic tubes, less glass jars and less empty containers.  With this ever trending new concept is the time saving use of hybrid products, like our Beach Face, a moisturising day cream with SPF and then again our tinted Beach Face with added light tint or The Rose + Lavender Lip and Cheek Stain.  Wondery products generally have more than one use for them on your face!  

Embrace your own glow

glow getter wondery skin food

It's about showing off YOU! Giving up the many multiple old faithfuls for a more simplistic routine doesn't mean giving up your glow, it's more about embracing your own glow.  One of my favourite Wondery quotes

"With a new perspective and a little creativity we can change the old once was into something even more beautiful than before"

That's Skinimalism to a T x

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