Your Autumn All Natural Make Up Routine in 3 Steps

Your quick and easy autumn 'glow' to make up guide!

Do you change your make up colours to match the seasons or your mood? Or are you a one colour palette that’s me kind of gal??

I’m an interchanger, well most of the time. Since creating Wondery I have my favourites but I can and do interchange sometimes!! 
Here’s my absolute glow to, I pretty much use this in different levels of application throughout all seasons but today we are talking Autumn...
All Natural make up routine for every day!
I love the look that you’ve got make up on but it doesn’t quite look like it, you know that au natural look! Sometimes as we get older it gets harder to achieve (if you know you know)
Anyway back to it....

Depending on what I’m doing I apply beach face tinted and moisture my face and neck, it’s soft and sheer and gives your face a little love at the start of the day!
I then apply wild citrus I put a streak on each cheek and glide the left overs over my eyelids!
I then use a brush to blend it in, this is something new I’ve discovered from one of my customers and I highly recommend it!
I then dust off a small amount of Coco cheeks onto another brush and dust my cheeks and neck line and away I go!
Ooops I do pop on lippy too, either wild citrus or rose and lavender lip and cheek stain.
If I’m night timing or partying (which is near to never lol) I will also apply a natural   foundation just to give me more depth and   longevity and if I’m feeling super fancy I’ll   pop on the eyeliner too!! *tip - I apply the     eyeliner after the wild citrus that way it stays   on 
 better* and of course I might just wear a   bright lippy because it’s a party!!
 Don't forget that all the products are   available  to trial in our sample size pots!   annnddd I always carry a sample size Wild Citrus Luminizer in my bag! 
Much Love and Get Glowing!! 
L x 

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